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So what's it all about?

Well, the past year has been a mixture of awful, ok to great for all businesses across the UK.

For some sales need to improve and quickly

At Blitz we wanted to support businesses with effective results driven marketing that's affordable, particularly if it's an investment to really make an impact on driving the Company forward.


We are looking to work with just 10 partners with a proposal that will span 2 months.

If you are in the B2B environment (business to business) then LinkedIn is the very best arena to move in. Not enough people see the power of the platform. It's about building relationships and any relationship begins with a simple "Hello" - and then conversation after that.

What you should expect?

A newly defined LinkedIn Profile. We will work with you to understand what your business is all about and design a profile that's attractive to your target market contacts.

A lot of highly qualified people coming into your network - typically between 10 and 40 per day. These are people that need to know about your services and products and most importantly they will be decision-makers

Conversations to begin and hopefully leads and enquiries follow

What will it cost?

This service normally has a price tag of £500+vat per month but for the first 2 months its £100+vat. After those 2 months, you will then decide if its been successful (we will try to identify what that success looks like before we move forward)

If it has, you then pay the other £800+vat and make a decision about continuing forward with us.

If not then we shake hands and say goodbye. You have invested no more than £200 but your Linkedin profile is strong and you will have a lot more decision making people in your network.

Of course we want you to be successful so do have a few tricks up our sleeves that have worked exceptionally well for other clients.

So that's it.

We do have a history of working with sales and marketing teams and helping companies grow, so if you want to get a marketing plan off the ground that's executed to deliver results then why not give it a go.

We will only be doing this with 10 Companies so if its for you click below and we can get an exploratory zoom call booked in